• Espetus Brazilian Steakhouse
    Espetus Brazilian Steakhouse
    南美洲料理 Woolloomooloo (NSW) -

    Espetus is Brazilian style BBQ restaurant where cooked meats are continuously brought to your table and offered to you until you have had enough. The meal is $45 per person which includes different types of meat, salads and antipasto items.

  • 香满楼
    亚洲料理 Parammata (NSW) -

    香满楼设有休闲用餐室和带顶棚的露台,为您提供室内和露天用餐选择以及友好而温馨的服务。 您可以享受大海的感受,包括龙虾,螃蟹和鱼类的现场坦克,或沉迷于其中一碟非常受欢迎的特色菜 香满楼还为饮茶提供真正独特的传统用餐体验。 香满楼是悉尼西部最大的饮茶之一,提供令人兴奋的快节奏服务,提供不同寻常的美食。 您可以享用各种美味佳肴,如各种蒸饺和煎饺,蔬菜,海鲜和精选肉卷,春卷,鱿鱼以及一些美味的中式甜点。 饮茶于周一至周五上午11点,周六和周日上午10点在香满楼有售。

  • 富丽宫酒楼
    亚洲料理 Haymarket (NSW) -

    h i s t o r y The management of Marigold Restaurant has been delighting Sydney with Cantonese cuisine for 37 years. Beginning in 1982 with “old Marigold”, the first Hong Kong style Chinese restaurant in Sydney, at 299 Sussex Street and then in 1986 R...

  • Comfy Smile Denture Clinic
    Comfy Smile Denture Clinic
    牙齿矫正 Box Hill (VIC) -


  • Asquith Childcare & Preschool
    Asquith Childcare & Preschool
    儿童保育和学前班 Asquith (NSW) -

    ASQUITH EARLY LEARNING AND PRESCHOOL Oac Asquith early learning and preschool centre has been custom designed to inspire 0-6 year olds to grow, learn, and discover. Children can enjoy the full benefits of being amongst nature in our outdoor play area...

  • 家常便飯 Billy Kwong
    家常便飯 Billy Kwong
    亚洲料理 Potts Point (NSW) -

    Billy Kwong是一家比较特别的餐馆,专注于将现代广东菜与澳洲本土菜的结合。餐厅一概只选取产自有机农业的水果蔬菜、牛羊肉、家禽,甚至酱油、白糖、香醋等调料以及面条都是绿色产品。

  • AGC Interior 专业店面装修公司
    AGC Interior 专业店面装修公司
    装修 Canterbury (NSW) -

    从店面设计,装潢装修,到翻新改造,AGC经验丰富的设计装修技术团队为您提供一条龙服务。 我们致力于为每一位客户提供个性化设计,高质量工艺,和有效无缝对接。马上联系我们。 商业装潢. 专业团队. 家庭装修. 定制化服务. 品质保证. 以客为主. 有效沟通。

  • NORTH SHORE Orthodontics
    NORTH SHORE Orthodontics
    牙齿矫正 Gordon (NSW) -

    这个家庭正畸实践已经成为北岸社区的一部分已有50多年的历史,并且在许多当地家庭的几代人中对待儿童和成人。因此,它结合了优秀的正畸护理和个人关注的传统已经确立。 因为最佳治疗结果需要正牙医生和患者之间的良好合作,我们尽量使患者尽可能舒适地治疗,并特别注意患者及其家人的个人需求。 我们只在必要时治疗患者,并在最适合患者的年龄开始正畸治疗。在确定年龄时,我们会考虑治疗的最终结果和稳定性,持续时间以及患者在护理期间的舒适度。 虽然我们的大多数患者是儿童和青少年,但我们也对越来越多的成年人进行治疗。这种多...

  • 韓國整容及美容中心
    美容 Sydney (NSW) -

    美容美发 - Sydney

  • Classic Rattan Furniture Collections
    Classic Rattan Furniture Collections
    其它分类 Hornsby (NSW) - $550.00

    SOLD! 4 pieces classic rattan lounge suite imported from Taiwan. Pickup from Hornsby. Buy The Package: $550 Buy Individual Item: Coffee Table: 685cm x 114cm $300 Lounge sofa: 1635cm x 784cm $250 Concubine Chair: 1550cm x 660cm $250 Side Basket: Free ...

  • 澳大利亞敬業汽車集團
    机械维修 Greenacre (NSW) -

    澳大利亞敬業汽車集團 - Greenacre NSW 2190


    其它分类 - Hornsby (NSW) - $440.00

    4 x USED Bridgestone Potenza Adrenaline RE003 Size: 225/40 R18 Load Index: 92 Speed Rating: W Tread: ~45% Please check that the tyres fit your car's requirements so as to not waste your time.

  • Studio for Rent
    Studio for Rent
    私人出租 - Hornsby (NSW) - $300.00

    If you are looking to live independently and not share with anyone else, you are come to the right place. This studio includes everything you need without having to bring your own: including cooking, laundry, bath, bed, desk and fan. It's perfect for...

  • TRANSRACK 3 Bike Carrier
    TRANSRACK 3 Bike Carrier
    其它分类 - Hornsby (NSW) - $65.00

    This TRANSRACK 3 Bike Carrier was bought few years ago and I have never used it as I never got a toolbar fitted to any of my cars. If you have interested with it and would like to inspect the item, please send a message to my mobile directly to arran...

  • Ryobi 1500W 254mm Table Saw
    Ryobi 1500W 254mm Table Saw
    其它分类 - Hornsby (NSW) - $185.00

    SOLD! 254 MM Combination Home Workshop, a perfect tool for DIY and save hundreds of dollars. Specifications Model No: HBT255L Blade Diameter: 254mm (10") Blade Bore Size: 16mm (5/8") Depth of cut at 90 degree: 80mm Depth of cut at 45 degree: 55mm Tab...