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  • 17 Leigh St, 5000, Adelaide, SA, Australia

About Shobosho

At Shōbōsho we blend smoke, steam, and fire; ancient traditions of Japanese yakitori, with the finesse, skill & texture of all that is raw, cured, pickled and fermented.

From a specially-commissioned cooking line consisting of a wood oven, hydraulic grill, rotisserie and customised yakitori pit, the element of fire will speak through simply seasoned, seared meats and vegetables.

The menu takes a journey through raw to cooked, with yakitori, noodles, dumplings, bao, robata grilled and spit roasted meats.

Our bar and kitchen operates all day. From lunch, to snacks with afternoon sakes, and right into the night.

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17 Leigh St, 5000, Adelaide, SA, Australia


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