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About PlateRiver.NET

Welcome to PlateRiver.NET – Your 3-in-one digital services for business, ads and URL listings.

PlateRiver.NET is a digital advertising platform located in Australia with a mission to help local businesses build backlinks and drive organic traffic. We do this by giving business owners the tools necessary to increase brand awareness and extend their market reach, simultaneously helping consumers discover products and services quickly and efficiently.

Why advertising?

In this digital age, people are spending more time online, connecting with brands in everyday life, shopping for the things they need and learning about the things that matter to them. No matter what you’re offering, there are people online who are looking for it. By posting ads online, you automatically introduce your business to hundreds of thousands of internet users.

Features that you can expect from PlateRiver.NET

  • Unlimited ad postings daily
  • Unlimited product listings
  • Create a business page with URL listings
  • Build a publicly accessible business profile with logo uploads (Registered user only)
  • Construct and collect comments/feedback from users (Registered user only)
  • Directly send and receive products & service inquiries (Registered user only)
  • Time-saving, one-click social media sharing for all your listings and driving more traffic to your website or specific location
  • Both website and non-website owners can take the advantage of all free digital services