Hills Orthodontics

  • 28 Fisher Ave, 2120, Pennant Hills, NSW, Australia

About Hills Orthodontics

This family orthodontic practice has been part of the Hills community for about 30 years treating both the children and adults of several generations of families. Our tradition of combining excellent orthodontic care and personal attention is well established. 
Best results occur when there is good cooperation between the orthodontist and patient. We try to make treatment as comfortable as possible and pay particular attention to the personal needs of the patient and family.
Treatment commences only at an age and stage that is best for the individual patient. In determining that, we consider the final result and stability, treatment duration and the patient comfort. Although the majority of our patients are children and adolescents, we do treat many adults. This diversity keeps us mindful of individual needs throughout treatment as we endeavour to make every visit a relaxed and cheerful one.
Patients and their parents have the opportunity to choose an orthodontist with whom they feel they have the best rapport and who can offer them the appointment times that best suit their family. Most importantly, orthodontic care is provided by an orthodontist who gives the patient their full professional attention at every visit.
To maintain clinical excellence, treatment is provided utilising the best proven techniques and technology. All new developments are evaluated and incorporated into the practice as appropriate. To keep up to date, our orthodontists participate in continuing specialist orthodontic education, which is further supported by those who also teach at the University of Sydney. As a result, our orthodontists all have a high level of clinical skill and use modern techniques and appliances to achieve treatment goals. 
Our goals are to provide an excellent and stable result while minimising extractions, to complete the treatment within a predictable time period and to make treatment as comfortable as possible for the patient. We advise patients and parents how to maintain good oral hygiene and advise that they regularly see their dentist during orthodontic care. We also offer fun rewards to young patients for doing so.
No Referral Required
A referral from either a Medical or General Dental practitioner is not required as orthodontics is not covered by Medicare. It is important, however, that you continue to see your General Dentist for regular check-ups and preventive care while under any care from an orthodontist.
Australian Society of Orthodontists
All our Specialist Orthodontists are members of the Australian Society of Orthodontists. This is the only recognised professional association for Orthodontists in Australia. The Australian Society of Orthodontists is in charge of vetting the quality of all specialist orthodontic training within Australia and provides funding and teaching personnel for these programmes. Membership of the Australian Society of Orthodontists is the best way to be sure that the orthodontist who is carrying out your orthodontic treatment is appropriately trained and qualified. 

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28 Fisher Ave, 2120, Pennant Hills, NSW, Australia


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